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You must be between 21 and 80 years of age and hold a full, valid driving license
for a minimum of one year to rent a vehicle. Please note that renters below the
age of 25 will have a Young Driver Surcharge of $20.00.- per day (excl. VAT)
applied to their overall hire cost. Young Drivers are also restricted to Economy,
and Compact hire classes only
A valid credit card (Visa, AMEX, or Mastercard) in the primary driver’s name
must be present at pick-up in order to rent a vehicle. Pre-paid, and Electron will
not be accepted. Debit cards will be allowed for an additional fee. Please note
that the credit card must be valid for at least six months following the rental date
in order to be processed.
Yes. In addition to outstanding rental fees, a security deposit is applied to all
class vehicles. For all larger classes, an additional security deposit is required.
Yes. The cost to add an additional driver is $12.00 per day (excl. VAT). Please
note that the additional driver must also present a valid driver’s license and
passport and must be present at pick-up in order to co-sign the rental agreement.
If you have booked through Road King Rental directly, please call us at 510 223-
ROAD to amend a pending reservation. For all partner website bookings, please
contact the corresponding customer service line to change or update a
Please contact us via telephone or contact@roadkingrental.com to confirm any
flight changes. Please also ensure that your flight number is listed in your
reservation at the time of booking.
Yes. Each location is equipped with a key return dropbox for all after-hours
returns. Please note, however, that you will remain responsible for the condition
of the vehicle until the keys have been received and a formal inspection has
been performed by an on-site employee during opening hours the following
Yes. Please contact via telephone or email to your corresponding station in order
to request a rental extension. A confirmation of all amendments, including your
updated rental cost, will be submitted to you via email.
No. Unfortunately, only a true credit card in the primary driver’s name will be
accepted at pick-up.
No. You are welcome to return your vehicle ahead of schedule, however, if the
rental is pre-paid, please be advised that you may not be refunded for your
unused rental days.
A 30-minute grace period is granted for all vehicle hires, however, whereby we
operate on a 24-hour rental cycle, you will be charged for all returns exceeding
one hour of pick-up time. For example, if you have picked up a vehicle at 1 PM,
and are scheduled to return the vehicle at 1 PM three days later, but instead
return at 2 PM, the cost of a new full rental day will be applied.
Yes. You will be responsible for the cost of any fuel that is not refilled before
returning the vehicle. A pre-paid fuel option is available for purchase at the rental
No pets allowed. You will be charged a special cleaning fee of up to $500.00-
should excessive pet hair or dander be left in the vehicle at the time of return.
Yes. If a vehicle requires excessive cleaning or special cleaning products, a
cleaning fee of up to $500.- will be applied to your overall rental cost.
No. Smoking in all of our rental vehicles is prohibited under all circumstances.
Should you smoke in the vehicle, a cleaning fee of $500.00- will be applied to
your overall rental cost.
All rental vehicles are provided with unlimited mileage. However, corporate
clients with long-term contracts are subject to a monthly restriction of 3500 km.
An electronic invoice will be sent to you via email at the end of the hire period. To
obtain an invoice from a partner company, please contact the corresponding
customer service line directly.
There must be prior approval.
Not at this time. These items are not available for hire on request:
Booster seat
Child/Toddler Seat
GPS Device
Ski Rack
Baby Seat
Snow Chains